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LYMAN 4500 Heating Element

Heating Element for 4500 Lube Sizer in 230V. Fits only the 4500 Sizer.
66,10 € 39,66 € Out of stock

LYMAN Cast Bullet Handbook , 4th Edition

Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook -the long awaited 4th Edition is here!This is the first new Cast Bullet Handbo
31,60 € 18,96 € Out of stock

LYMAN Casting Dipper

Our dipper with cast iron head is shaped for easy accurate pouring and prevents air pockets in the finish
29,50 € 17,70 € Out of stock

LYMAN Casting Thermometer

Know your alloy temperature - consistent temperature means consistent bullets.This stainless steel thermo
57,70 € 34,62 € Out of stock

LYMAN Digital Lead Thermometer

Measures in Celsius and Fahrenheit
31,70 € 19,02 € Out of stock

LYMAN Ingot Mould

Useful when melting down scrap lead, emptying your furnace, or when blending alloys. Produces blocks of a
29,80 € 17,88 € Out of stock

LYMAN Mould Handles

Lyman mould handles feature rugged cast iron construction. Solid metal frame is easily attached to blo...
51,10 € 30,66 € Out of stock

LYMAN Universal Lube Heater

For Lyman 450, RCBS, Saeco and Star Lube/Sizers
82,70 € 49,62 € Out of stock

SAECO Double C Clamp - Lubrisizer

For Saeco Lube-Sizer
37,30 € 22,38 € Out of stock

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