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LYMAN Shellholder Set

Contains the 12 most used shellholders!
48,00 € 28,80 € Out of stock

LYMAN X-Type Shellholder

Precisely Machined to insure perfect case fit.
10,00 € 6,00 € Out of stock

REDDING Competition Shellholder Set

Makes every die a custom die by controlling the headspace.
66,20 € 39,72 € Out of stock

REDDING E-Z Feed Shellholder

New tapered design allows easy case entry.Machined to very close tolerances to fit your cases perfectly a
13,90 € 8,34 € Out of stock

REDDING E-Z Feed Shellholder Set

Consists of the six most popular Shellholders from Redding
62,00 € 37,20 € Out of stock

REDDING Shellholder Storage Box

Holds up to six Shellholders
5,00 € 3,00 € Out of stock

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