Shooting Supplies

Why can't I pay with PayPal anymore?

It's known since long that PayPal doesn't like Shooters and Hunters. That’s nothing new and daily business in the USA.

On December 30th, 2015 PayPal has informed us that they are going to stop to offer us a payment solution from on Jan 4th, 2016 IF we continue to offer you, our customers, certain products like magazines with more than 10 rounds etc. Other products can follow.

Well, we are a independent company and as such, WE do decide what we offer to our customers. We do own NO explanation of what we are doing to nobody except to YOU!

How do I find the correct Shellholder or Pilot?

On our Homepage, just scroll down to the end. There you will find REFERENCES. Click on it and you will find all Calibers, listed by Manufacturer, indicating the correct Shellholder and Pilot.

How to determine Bushing Size Diameter ?

The proper bushing size can be easily determined by measuring the outside neck diameter of your loaded cartridges with a precision micrometer. Then, simply subtract .001\" from the cartridge that had the smallest average neck diameter. Moly coated bullets may require tighter necks and the use of bushings .001\" or .002\" smaller.

I crashed during payment and now my order/products are out of stock!

First of all : no panic!

Nothing has happened. First you have to login again. Then push on the Tab "My Account". In this window, you will find "My orders". Inside, you'll find every order made and every invoice emitted for this account. Right next to the last order, you'll find a link to restart the payment procedure.

How to download a invoice?

Easy. First you have to login. Then push on the Tab "My Account". In this window, you will find "My orders". Inside, you'll find every order made and every invoice emitted for this account.

Do I have to pay Duty when Importing the goods into my Country ?

NO. If your country is inside the European Union, there is no more Duty to pay. The price you pay is your net price !

Do you keep my Credit Card record ?

NO ! We cannot keep something we don\'t have. When you pay by Credit Card, we will transfer you to CETREL, who is the Center of Electronic Transfers in Luxembourg. This one is owned by the main Luxemburgish Banks. As they do have access to all Credit Card Data, they will keep those records. This gives you a much more secured payment than in other countries. The inconvenient point is that you will have to re-enter your data for each payment.

How can I control the availability of my product ?

You have 2 informations available  :

1) The green light indicates that the product is available and on stock.

2) If the product has options (per example a Die Set is generaly available, but the specific Caliber ?), you can check this be looking if the option is GRAY (not available) or BLACK (available)

Are your products on Stock !

YES ! We do only ship from our Warehouse. So there is no delay for your shipment. (See FAQ how to control availability). We do normaly ship the next working day.

My promotional Code is not working !

When you go to the Payment Desk, you can use a promotional code if you have one. Please enter It when requested.

I've problems while paying with my VISA or MASTERCARD


When you pay with your Credit Card, please do NEVER use the "BACK" Button in your Browser. If you do so, the Security Server thinks that you have connected yourself twice and it will reject your payment.

Always follow the instructions of the system to avoid any problems.

If the payment did not complete successfully, just go to "My account". Next to the invoice/order is a link to relaunch the payment process. This link will remain activ as long as the order has not been fully paid.


How do you Ship ?

We do ship exclusively with DPD (except Holsters, where we do use the Post with Maxi-Letters). This gives you a warranty in case of lost shippment and guaranteed short delivery times.

When you payment is completed and when we have packed your order, we will send you the Trackingnumber which can easily been tracked on

If your order exceeds a certain volume, or, if your order is over 30kgs, we will have to split it to smaller shipments which may add additionl costs. If this will happen, we will contact you before shipment.

Do you ship to Norway ?

Yes, we ship worldwide. However, please send us an E-Mail with the requested items, so we will give you a quote for the shipment.