Shooting Supplies

Payment informations

Visa & MasterCard

All Credit Card payments made with Visa or MasterCard are handled by SAFERPAY, who is one of the biggest providers for electronic payment solutions in Europe. SAFERPAY guarantees the first connection for all electronic transfers in Luxembourg. Then, depending upon the agreements from your card issuer company / bank, they will transfer you to 3D Secure by Visa or SecureCode by Mastercard to insured maximum security.

Important to know is that keeping payment data by the merchant is prohibited by law in Luxembourg. This means that we, as merchant, do have no access to your data except to refund your card via the SAFERPAY system. This is very closely monitored by SAFERPAY. However, this means on the other hand, that you will have to reintroduce your data for every order placed within our Shop.

Please be aware that SAFERPAY nor Shooting Supplies will ever ask about your credit card data! Please do NOT send us data via E-Mail!


Wire Transfer

You can also send us a wire transfer. Thanks to the new SEPA / IBAN system valid for the European Market, those payments are generally received within 48 hours. Please make sure to add the invoice / order number in your payment so that we can correctly identify the payment.

Also, every payment done by Wire receives an AUTOMATIC discount. This discount is already calculated in the amount you will receive from the system. Following are the payment instructions:

BCEE Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat
Account : LU74 0019 3855 9777 2000


Checks, Money Cards (Mandats postaux) and PayPal

Unfortunately, we do not accept any of those. PayPal has been removed from our payment system due to the anti-gun, anti-shooting and anti-hunting policy from PayPal Inc. We will not a company let dictate us what we have or do not have to do on our Website!