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  • lyman-super-moly-bullet-finishing-accessory-pack

LYMAN Super Moly Finishing Accessory Set

47,40 €

Everything you need to Super Moly Coat bullets !


All you add is the tumbler ! The two heavy duty bowls will fit the Lyman 600 and 1200 tumblers and most other brand tumblers of similar size. The kit contains two heavy duty long lasting bowls, 6oz of Superfine Grade Moly, Moly plating media, and fine finishing media. This kit will coat many thousands of bullets. Only a small amount of Special Superfine Grade Moly is needed for a durable, high-gloss, moly coated finish. Additional bowls are ideal for cast bullets. Coating instructions are included.

Product ref. : LYM7631384
Availability : Out of stock

All must go! 79,00 €

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