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Lube Sticks

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LYMAN ALOX Bullet Lube Stick

3,54 €

The classic and proven NRA Formula.

All Lyman stick lubricants are hollow and fit the 4500 Sizer/ Lubricator and similar Sizing/Lubricating tools, including RCBS.

Product ref. : LYM2857277
Availability : Out of stock

All must go! 5,90 €

Cross selling

SHOOTING SUPPLIES Media CORNCOB 3kg - 6lbs - Per 1

SHOOTING SUPPLIES Corncob Media : the best choice!
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LYMAN Reloaders Labels - 5x5cm

Complete Load Data - right on the box.
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LYMAN SUPER MOLY Bullet Lube Stick

Bullet lube with the Moly advantage. The Molybdenum Disulfide in this lube coats the barrel for increase
3,54 € Out of stock

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