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LYMAN Tufnut Plus Container 5,5lbs

12,66 €

Lyman Case Cleaning Media is the most effective choice for cleaning dirty and tarnished cases. No other can compete with this media.

A few hours in a Lyman Turbo Tumbler and cases are clean, polished and ready for reloading.

Corncob is most effectiv on Cleaning, Tufnut is more polishing to keep your Brass shiny. Use untreated if you like to use Turbo Brite Brass Polish !

Media Charge :

Turbo 600 - 1lbs
Turbo 1200 - 2lbs
Turbo 1200 Auto-Flo - 3lbs
Turbo 2200 Auto-Flo - 5lbs
Turbo 2500 Pro-Magnum - 6lbs
Turbo 2500 Pro Mag Auto-Flo - 6,5lbs


Product ref. : LYM7631396
Availability : Available

All must go! 21,10 €

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