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Bullsbag Mod. M0003 X7 System Tree Camo

89,40 €

X7-Bag 7-IN-1 Shooting System set fills easily and includes: seven independent bags, to perform a Hi-Pro and Low-Pro SERIES (Butterfly-BULLS BAG Patented-Grip/Toe & Heel (Owl-Ear Design)/Stackable Bags/ Pistol and Handgun/Adjustable Window and Blind Bag Rifle Rest.

The New 7-in-1, X7 Bulls Bag Shooting Rest is designed to provide the ultimate in "Expert" stability in firearm supports for more accurate shooting in multiple shooting environments. This unique gun rest and ingenious All-In-One design accommodates shooters' demands by including "Experts" desired features that lock rifles into place with a gun vise-like grip while reducing felt-recoil and muzzle-jump.

The rifle rest suede tops protect the stock of the firearm while providing a better gun rest grip to reduce movement while sighting and firing.


Shipped unfilled.


Filling propositions :
Corncob or Cat Litter : 13,6kg
We strongly recommend the Corncob filling!


Product ref. : BULM0007
Availability : Available

Last items! 178,80 €

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25,50 € Available

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