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  • LAP50

LAPUA BNS .50 BMG 800grs Bullex-N Solid

51,30 €

Lapua Bullets per 20
For larger Quantities please check our Bulk Pack section

SHIPPING COST : Fees are only calculated for 30kg max. If you shipment is over 30kg, there will be eventually additionnal fees, calculated on our basis prices mentionned on the Website.

ATTENTION : As we cannot control every Country's regulation in what you are allowed to have or not, YOU and you alone are responsible for any legal claim that my result in buying these products from us (See general conditions). Shooting Supplies is never responsible for shipping these parts to you. By buying this product, you agree to this.

Product ref. : LAPBNS800
Availability : Available

All must go! 85,50 €

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