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LYMAN Crusher II Expert Kit

289,98 €

A truly complete selection of the best reloading tools in one package !

For powder handling, no other kit combines both a scale and Lyman's famouse No. 55 Powder Measure. Also includes the efficient Universal Case Trimmer with pilots.

The Kit comes complete with all the accessories needed to add speed and versatility and it also includes Lyman's Reloading Handbook.


Expert Kit Standard Includes all this :

Crusher II Press

Universal Trimmer with Pilot Multi-pack

Pro 500 Scale Grain

No. 55 Powder Measure

Universal Priming Arm

Primer Tray

Auto Primer Feed

Extra Decapping Pins

Reloading Handbook

Primer Catcher

Deburring Tool

Powder Funnel

Case Lube Kit

Adapter to mount no. 55 on the Press



Product ref. : LYM7810120
Availability : Out of stock

All must go! 483,30 €

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