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SHOOTING CHRONY Mod. F-1 feet/sec.

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Every SHOOTING CHRONY® is made of 20 gauge steel but weighs less than 2½ pounds. It is powered by one 9 Volt alkaline battery (not included) and equipped with a large LCD-readout, 0.5" high. When folded, a SHOOTING CHRONY® measures 7½" long, 4½" wide, and 2¾" high. Every SHOOTING CHRONY® comes with an adjustable size, triangular shooting area from 8"×8" to 14.5"×14.5". The sides of the triangular shooting areas are made of wire-rods; the top of the triangle is formed by a 2¼" wide strip of tough, Hi-density polyethylene plastic, 1/8" thick. All shooting is done through the center of this triangular area, along the axis of the chronograph. Some SHOOTING CHRONY® seen on our Web-site may be shown either with the smaller shooting area or with the larger shooting area. Every SHOOTING CHRONY® (manufactured after January 1, 2000) can be used together with the Ballistic Chrony Printer TM.

With the SHOOTING CHRONY® MODELS, the LCD-readout and all the Electronics are located in the CHRONY®-housing, out front

With the MASTER CHRONY® MODELS , the LCD-readout and most of the Electronics are located in a separate, small housing, the Control Monitor. It is connected to the CHRONY®-housing with a 18 ft. telephone cord. This brings the LCD-readout right up to your shooting bench and away from the bullet's path. This Control Monitor also functions as a Remote Control. It fits inside the CHRONY®-housing for storage, and therefore, does not increase the size of the package.

Other than this, the MASTER CHRONY® MODELS have the same basic capabilities as their respective counterparts among the SHOOTING CHRONY® MODELS

The Low Priced Champ : The F-1 Chrony

- Gives numbred shot velocities
- Velocity stays on display until you shoot again
- Stereo Jack for optional Remote Control or Printer
- Uses one 9 volt alkaline battery with 48 hours of continuous use.
- Feet / second only


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