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Accu-Shot BT08 Monopod - Accuracy International with Quick Knob

223,70 €

The BT08 has the same features as the BT04 but is specificaly designed for the use on Accuracy International Rifles. The new modell with Quick Knob allows quick gross adjustments into the target with a push of a button and gives you the Tactical advantage you always wanted! The QK02 has a spring loaded button that when depressed allows the operator to slide the knob up or down on the Actuator Rod quickly into the desired sight picture. When the button is released, the fine threads are re-engaged and the operator can make the final adjustments by rotating the QK02 knob. The QK02 works with the Thumbnut to eliminate any tolerance for increased stability.

With the Steel on Steel threads, it has all the same great features as the BT01 with the addition of a second Thumbnut.

By jamming this second Thumbnut one can remove all of the tolerance found between the Male/Female threads. Or with a bit more pressure "lock" the Actuator knob. This is the model to buy for the highest degree of accuracy from your rifle from the Bench or in the field. One piece unit constructed from machined T6061 Hard anodized Aluminum with Grade 8 fasteners and comes ready to attach to your rifle.

If you use your AI on hard surfaces, we recommend changing the Caps to Tac Caps.

The leg folds up and retracts, allowing the concurrent use of your sling. Black only. Made in the U.S.A.

Elevation range : 8,6 - 11,4cm
Weight : 159 grams



Product ref. : ASBT08QK
Availability : Available

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